Ph.D. Awarded - Department of Chemical Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Ph.D. Awarded

List of Ph.D. Awarded

  1. Electrochemical treatment of petrochemical wastewater.
    Vishal Kumar Sandhwar2018Dr. B. Prasad
  2. Advanced treatment for removal of chromium and fluoride from industrial waste water.
    Gaikwad Mahendra Shivaji2018Dr. C.B. Majumder
  3. Biosorptive removal of heavy metals using sargassum filipendula from waste water.
    Ayushi Verma2018Dr. C.B. Majumder
  4. Studies on the synthesis of catalysts for diethyl carbonate production.
    Kartikeya Shukla2018Dr. V.C. Srivastava
  5. The development of meshless local Petrov Galerkin (MLPG) method for complex fluid flow simulation.
    Vijay Kumar Verma2018Dr. Ram P. Bharti
  6. Periodic flow of non-Newtonian fluids across an array of cylinders.
    Ram Pravesh Ram2018Dr. A.K. Dhiman and Dr. Ram P. Bharti
  7. Pyrolysis kinetics of biomass feedstocks and bio-oil production.
    Anil Kumar Varma2017Dr. P Mondal
  8. Energy conservation in coal based sponge iron process using heat of waste gas.
    Gajendra Kumar Gaurav2017Dr. Shabina Khanam
  9. Non-Newtonian flow over a heated square bluff body under buoyancy.
    Deepak Kumar2017Dr. A.K. Dhiman
  10. Preparation and characterization of coir and banana fiber reinforced LDPE composites.
    Nirupama2017Dr. V.K. Agarwal and Dr. Shishir Sinha
  11. Treatment of arsenic and fluoride bearing water and wastewater.
    Lokendra Singh Thakur2017Dr. P. Mondal
  12. Simulation of biomass gasification in a fluidized bed reactor using CFD.
    Umesh Kumar2017Dr. V.K. Agarwal
  13. Fire and explosion analysis involving LPG and LNG.
    Nilambar Bariha2017Dr. V.C. Srivastava and Dr. I.M. Mishra
  14. Investigation on liquid fuel fires in a compartment.
    Deepak Sahu2017Dr. Shashi, Dr. Akhilesh Gupta and Dr. Shorab Jain
  15. Phenol and cyanide removal from mono and binary synthetic simulated and real coke wastewater.
    Neetu Singh2017Dr. C.B. Majumder
  16. Vapor phase hydrogenolysis of glycerol over non-noble metal catalysts.
    Nitin Naresh Pandhare2017Dr. Prakash Biswas and Dr. Shishir Sinha
  17. Thermo-chemical modifications of teff straw for chromium removal from aqueous solution.
    Abrham Bayeh Wassie2017Dr. V.C. Srivastava
  18. Studies on removal of arsenic from wastewater.
    Mousumi Saha Podder2017Dr. C.B. Majumder
  19. Adsorptive desulfurization and denitrogenation by metal impregnated activated carbon.
    Thaligari Sandeep Kumar2017Dr. V.C. Srivastava and Dr. B. Prasad
  20. Simulaion of single char particle gasification in conditions of a coal gasifier.
    Vinod Kumar Yadav2016Dr. Vineet Kumar and Dr. C.B. Majumder
  21. Preparation and characterization of bagasse-wheat straw fiber/epoxy blended composites.
    Varun Mittal2016Dr. Shishir Sinha
  22. Synthesis and characterization of catalysts for dimethyl carbonate production.
    Praveen Kumar2016Dr. V.C. Srivastava and Dr. I.M. Mishra
  23. Flow of emulsions through porous media.
    Partha Kundu2016Dr. Vimal Kumar and Dr. I.M. Mishra
  24. Electrochemical treatment of synthetic purified terephthalic acid wastewater.
    Krishan Kishor Garg2016Dr. B. Prasad
  25. Removal of nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds from aqueous solution.
    Hiwarkar Ajay Devidas2016Dr. I.D. Mall and Dr. V.C. Srivastava
  26. CFD studies and effect of rheology on hollow-fiber.
    Gupta Ravikant Radhysham2016Dr. Shri Chand and Dr. Vineet Kumar
  27. Coprocessing of pyrolysis oil with VGO in FCC unit to produce LPG and gasoline.
    Desavath Viswanatha Naik2016Dr. Vimal Kumar, Dr. B. Prasad and Dr. M.O. Garg
  28. Removal of chromium and phenol from single and binary simulated synthetic tannery wastewater.
    Ankur Gupta2016Dr. C.B. Majumder
  29. Influence of surfactants on the formation and dissociation of gas hydrates in fixed bed media.
    Amit Arora2016Dr. C.B. Majumder and Dr. Rajnish Kumar
  30. Performance characteristics of warm mix asphalt.
    Ambika Behl2016Dr. V.K. Agarwal, Dr. Satish Chandra and Dr. S. Gangopadhyay
  31. Selective alkylation of benzene with ethanol using modified HZSM-5 to produce ethylbenzene.
    Abdi Nemera Emana2016Dr. Shri Chand
  32. Studies on solvent extractive desulfurization of gas oil.
    Sunil Kumar2015Dr. V.C. Srivastava and Dr. S.M. Nanoti (IIP Dehradun)
  33. Hydrogenolysis of glycerol to 1,2 propanediol over supported copper and nickel catalysts.
    Satyanarayana Murty Pudi2015Dr. P. Biswas and Dr. Shashi
  34. Numerical simulations of problems of flow, heat and mass transfer in nanofluids.
    Maniya2015Dr. R. Bhargava
  35. Treatment of Bisphenol-A contaminated water by advanced oxidation process.
    Jyoti2015Dr. I.M. Mishra and Dr. Vineet Kumar
  36. Convective flow and heat transfer analysis by using thermal lattice Boltzmann method.
    Krunal Madhukar Gangawane2015Dr. Ram P. Bharti and Dr. Surendra Kumar
  37. Modeling and response surface analysis of supercritical fluid extraction of vegetable oil.
    Amit Rai2015Dr. B. Mohanty
  38. Non-Newtonian flow and heat transfer around triangular bluff bodies.
    Richa Agarwal2015Dr. A.K. Dhiman
  39. .
    Bhumika Agarwal2015
  40. Studies on co-removal of phenol and cyanide from coke waste water.
    Bhumica Agarwal2014Dr. C.B. Majumder
  41. Electrochemical treatment of dye bearing wastewater.
    Seema Singh2014Dr. I.D. Mall and Dr. V.C. Srivastava
  42. Nucleate pool boiling of liquids and their mixtures on coated horizontal tubes.
    Chandra Kishore2014Dr. V.K. Agarwal and Dr. R. Bhargava
  43. Treatment of petroleum refinery waste water.
    Chankdrakant Thakur2014Dr. I.D. Mall
  44. Arsenic removal from contaminated water: a comparative study for various treatment methods.
    Suantak Kamsonlian2014Dr. Shri Chand and Dr. C.B. Majumder
  45. .
    Richa Agarwal2014
  46. Removal of toxic organics from waste water and energy production using EC and MFC.
    Ravi Shankar2013Dr. P. Mondal and Dr. Shri Chand
  47. Catalytic wet peroxidation of nitrogenous aromatic compounds.
    V. Subbaramiah2013Dr. I.D. Mall and Dr. V.C. Sivastava
  48. Modeling and simulation studies on methanol reforming for hydrogen production.
    Nisha Katiyar2013Dr. Shashi and Dr. Surendra Kumar
  49. CFD analysis of non-Newtonian mixed convection around a bluff body.
    Neha Mittal2013Dr. Surendra Kumar and Dr. A.K. Dhiman
  50. Simultaneous adsorption and biodegradation of cyanide and industrial wastewater.
    Neha Gupta2013Dr. C.B. Majumder and Dr. V.K. Agarwal
  51. Production of fungal xylanase using agricultural residues.
    Debabrata Garai2012Dr. Vineet Kumar
  52. Studies on treatment of petrochemical wastewaters.
    Shilpi Verma2012Dr. B. Prasad
  53. Development of surface modified macroporous PMMA-DVB and PS-EGDM based ion exchanger.
    Gagnesh Sharma2012Dr. Shashi and Dr. Shishir Sinha
  54. Biological removal of zinc from industrial effluent.
    Vishal Mishra2012Dr. V.K. Agarwal and Dr. C.B. Majumder
  55. Synthesis of polymer supported metal catalysts and oxidation of organic compounds.
    Sweta2012Dr. Shishir Sinha and Dr. Shri Chand
  56. Microbial production of polyhydroyalkanoates and renewable materials.
    Mohd. Zafar2012Dr. Shashi and Dr. A.K. Dhiman
  57. Biodegradation dynamics of phenolic wastewaters by using Gilomastix indicus MTCC 3869.
    Deepika Arya2012Dr. Surendra Kumar and Dr. Shashi
  58. Analytical and approximate solutions of selected chemical engineering models.
    Mohd. Danish2012Dr. Surendra Kumar and Dr. Shashi
  59. Simulation of multiple effect evaporators with and without fouling.
    Divya Srivastava2011Dr. B. Mohanty and Dr. R. Bhargava
  60. Dairy wastewater treatment by physico-chemical methods and sequential batch reactor.
    J.P. Kushwaha2011Dr. I.D. Mall and Dr. V.C. Srivastava
  61. Bioethanol production from biomass using thermophiles.
    Sachin Kumar2011Dr. I.M. Mishra, Dr. S.P. Singh and Dr. D.K. Adhikari
  62. Multicomponent adsorption of phenolic compounds from aqueous solution.
    S. Suresh2010Dr. V.C. Srivastava and Dr. I.M. Mishra
  63. Modeling of catalytic reactors for syngas production by dry reforming of methane.
    Sheeba Jilani2010Dr. Surendra Kumar and Dr. Shashi
  64. CFD Analysis of Tunnel Fires.
    Soharaib Jain2010Dr. Surendra Kumar and Dr. T.P. Sharma
  65. Studies on polymer-bagasse fibre composite for application as building material.
    Subodh Prakash Agarwal2010Dr. I.D. Mall and Dr. C.L. Verma
  66. Development of a digital control strategy of continuous distillation column.
    S. K. Saini2009Dr. V.K. Agarwal and Dr. Vijay Kumar
  67. Kinetic modeling and experimental studies on production of biopolymers using microorganisms.
    Anjana Nandasana2009Dr. Surendra Kumar
  68. Intensification of recovery of carboxylic acid by reactive extraction.
    Amit Keshav2009Dr. Kailash Wasewar Dr. Shri Chand
  69. Development of a digital control strategy of continous distillation column.
    Kallu Upendra Reddy2009Dr. Nidhi Bhandari and Dr. B. Mohanty
  70. Removal of arsenic from water by surface modified adsorbents and immobilized whole cells.
    P. Mondal2008Dr. C.B. Majumder and Dr. B. Mohanty
  71. Enhanced boiling of water-methanol mixtures on coated surfaces.
    Siraj Alam2008Dr. S.C. Gupta and Dr. V.K. Agarwal
  72. Performance of an UASB reactor for the treatment of catechol and resorcinol.
    R. Subarmanium2008Dr. I.M. Mishra and Dr. S.D. Bhattacharya
  73. Treatment of textile mill waste water.
    Pradeep Kumar2008Dr. Shri Chand and Dr. B. Prasad
  74. Removal of acrylonirile and acrylic from aqueous solution using adsorption.
    Arvind Kumar2008Dr. B. Prasad
  75. Synthesis of multiple effect evaporator system.
    Shabina Khanam2007Dr. B. Mohanty
  76. Catalytic activities of metal complexes immobilized in zeolite-Y.
    Anil Kumar Chandrakar2007Dr. Shri Chand
  77. Studies of the biodegradation of volatile organic compounds in biofilters.
    Anil Kumar Mathur2007Dr. C.B. Majumder
  78. Electrochemical treatment of wastewater from agri-based pulp mill.
    S. Mahesh2007Dr. I.D.Mall and Dr. B. Prasad
  79. Adsorptive treatment of pyridine and its derivatives from wastewaters.
    Dilip H. Lataye2007Dr. I.D. Mall and Dr. I.M. Mishra
  80. Heavy metals removal from aqueous solution using low-cost adsorbents.
    Vimal Chandra Srivastava2006Dr. I.D. Mall
  81. Treatment of distillery wastewater.
    Parmesh Kumar Chaudhari2006Dr. Shri Chand and Dr. I.M. Mishra
  82. A study of nucleate boiling of saturated liquids on copper coated heating tube surface.
    Mihir Kumar Das2006Dr. S.C. Gupta and Dr. V.K. Agarwal
  83. Simulation of flat falling film evaporator network.
    Ravindra Bhargava2005Dr. B. Mohanty
  84. Enhanced boiling of saturated liquids on copper coated heating tube surface.
    Laljee Prasad2005Dr. S.C. Gupta and Dr. V.K. Agarwal
  85. Studies on kinetic and modelling of lglutamic acid fermentation.
    Mohd. Noor Salam Khan2005Dr. I.M. Mishra
  86. Treatment of black liquor using thermochemical precipitation followed by wet oxidation.
    Anurag Garg2005Dr. Shri Chand
  87. Studies on compartment fires.
    Rajiv Kumar2004Dr. A.K. Gupta and Dr. Surendra Kumar
  88. Thermal cracking of petroleum feedstocks: Kinetics and process modeling studies.
    Jasvinder Singh2004Dr. Surendra Kumar
  89. Nucleate pool boiling of saturated liquids on ptfe coated horizontal heating tube.
    Swapan Bhomic2003Dr. S.C. Gupta and Dr. V.K. Agarwal
  90. Studies on modelling of high pressure polyethlylene reactor.
    Chandrajit Balomajumder2002Dr. Surendra Kumar
  91. Biomass characterization and gasification in a fluidized bed.
    P.B. Gangavati2002Dr. I.M. Mishra and Dr. B. Prasad
  92. Heat transfer in agitated Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids.
    Yisaye Kindie Adem2002Dr. S.D. Bhattacharya and Dr. S.C. Gupta
  93. Studies on gas- solid heat transfer in cyclone.
    Anuj Jain2002Dr. B. Mohanty, Dr. S.K. Agrawal and Dr. B. Pitchumani
  94. Studies on adsorption and bioregeneration process in gas Systems.
    Arinjay Kumar2001Dr. Jaia Lal and Dr. S. Kumar
  95. Selective disproporationation of toluene to produce benzene and P- Xylene.
    Abdal- Kareem M.A.2001Dr. I.M. Mishra and Dr. Shri Chand
  96. Studies on extraction of aromatics from kerosene fraction.
    S.M. Nanoti2000Dr. B.S. Rawat and Dr. I.M. Mishra
  97. Strategies for design and simulation of heat exchanger networks.
    B.B. Gulyani1999Dr. B. Mohanty
  98. Boiling heat transfer from a vertical row of horizontal tubes.
    Shalendra Kumar1999Dr. B. Mohanty and Dr. S.C. Gupta
  99. Modelling of UASB reactor.
    Ram Pal Singh1999Dr. C.S.P .Ojha and Dr. S. Kumar
  100. Vehicular emission control: studies on non-noble metal based catalysts for co and propylene oxidation.
    Anil Kumar Sharma1999Dr. I.M. Mishra and Dr. I.D. Mall
  101. .
    C.B. Vijay Vittal1999
  102. Studies on the treatment of phenolic waste water using adsorption and immobilized whole cells.
    Mahadeva Swamy M.1998Dr. I.M. Mishra, Dr. I.D. Mall and Dr. B. Prasad
  103. Studies on the operation and performance of UASB reactor for the treatment of distillery spent wash.
    Suneeth Kumar S. M.1998Dr. I.M. Mishra and Dr. Desh Deepak
  104. .
    Subodh Kumar S.S.1998
  105. Hydrogen separation from purge gas permeation optimal design and operating conditions.
    Sanjiv Kumar Gupta1996Dr. S.N. Sinha
  106. .
    Raj Kumar Vyas1996
  107. .
    Amar S. Kadam1995
  108. Stuides of boiling heat transfer from plain and integral- fin tubes to binary and ternary liquid mixtures.
    Abdul- Ameer Sahib Kadhum1994Dr. B.S. Varshney and Dr. B. Mohanty
  109. Mathematical modelling of blast furnace.
    Shashi1993Dr. S.D. Bhattacharya and Dr. M.L. Kapoor
  110. .
    Sattar Hussain1993
  111. Energy conservation in multiple effect evaporators.
    Vijay Kumar Agarwal1992Dr. S.C. Gupta
  112. .
    T.N.S. Mathur1992
  113. .
    Basheshwar Prasad1991
  114. .
    Ashok Kumar Gupta1991
  115. Studies of pool boiling heat transfer from a heating tube in horizontal and vertical orientations.
    Jag Mohan Lal Gupta1989Dr. R. Prakash
  116. Development of a quasi- stationary flame front technique for the determination of steady flame spread rate of materials under the influence of external radiant heat flux.
    Subodh Kumar Bhatnagar1989Dr. C.P. Agarwal and Dr. B. Mohanty
  117. Studies of the effect of conducting grade carbon black in some epoxy- glass composites.
    Vipin Kumar1989Dr. Yogesh Chandra
  118. Studies in short tube multiple- effect sugarcane juice evaporators.
    Amiya Kumar Ray1989Dr. B.S. Varshney and Dr. N.J. Rao
  119. Studies on the burning behavior of matal powder fires and their extinguishmen.
    Tribhuvan Pati Sharma1989Dr. S. Kumar and Dr. B.S. Varshney
  120. .
    Chaman Lal Verma1987
  121. .
    Subodh Kumar Agarwal1984
  122. Liquid phase hydrogenation of olefins on supported palladium- alumina catalyst.
    Ashok Kumar Gupta1983Dr. S.D. Bhattacharyya and Dr. S.K. Saraf
  123. .
    S. Krishna Pandey1993
  124. Variable time step finite difference and approximate methods for parabolic moving boundary problems.
    Dhirendra Kumar1982Dr. R.S. Gupta
  125. Some problems of wave propagation and instabilities in certain plasma configurations.
    Sudhanshu1982Dr. S.N. Pandey
  126. Heat transfer studies in a vertical tube of closed- loop thermosiphon.
    Chandra Prakash Agarwal1980Dr. S.S. Alam and Dr. N. Gopal Krishna
  127. .
    M. Chandra Bansal1980
  128. .
    Satish Chandra Gupta1978
  129. .
    Yogesh Chandra1978
  130. .
    Pershuram Sharma1977
  131. .
    N. Prasad Shukla1975
  132. .
    D. Kumar Bhardwaj1975
  133. .
    N. Jagannath Rao1974
  134. .
    Basu Dev Sharma1974
  135. .
    S.S. Alam1972
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