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Research Grants

Research grant received from different agencies during the last five years:

Name of the Investigator Title of the Project and Duration Amount Sanctioned (Rs. in Lacs) Funding Agency
FOR THE YEAR 2005-2006
Dr. S.P.Singh Design and Development of a controller for balanced operation of 3 phase induction machine from single phase supply (MHRD- R & D)

Sanction Letter No. F.26-11/2004-TS.V dated 31.3.2005

10.00 MHRD
Dr. S. Mukherjee Studies on Development of Electrical Grade Papers from Indigenous Raw Materials 

Sanctioned Letter No. 22(0391)/05/EMR-II dated: 29.8.2005

12.66 CSIR
FOR THE YEAR 2004-2005
Dr. S.P. Gupta Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of High Performance Electronic Drives (MHRD- R & D)

Sanction Letter No. F. 26-14/2003.TS.V dated 14.1.2004

13 .00 MHRD
Head of Deptt. 
Modernization of Electrical Machine Laboratory (MHRD- MOD)

Sanction Letter No. F. 28-18/2003.TS.V dated 14.1.2004 (MHRD) (MOD)

18 .00 MHRD
FOR THE YEAR 2003-2004
Dr. G.K.Singh Design and Development of Multi- Converter System for High rating AC Drives and stat Com/4PFC (CSIR)

SanctionLetterNo. 22(354)/02/EMR- II dated 27/12/02

10.83750 CSIR
Dr. N.P. Padhy/

Dr. H.O. Gupta

Restructuring Automation and quality Power Scope and solution for Indian Sector (MHRD- R & D)

Sanction Letter No. F. 26-4/2002/TS.V dated 31.3.2003

6 .00 MHRD
Dr.Pramod Agarwal Computer Controlled High Power Factor Converters (MHRD-R & D)

Sanction Letter No. F. 26-1/2003TS.V dated 31.3.2003

10 .00 MHRD
Prof. J.D.Sharma Development of Cognitive & Neural Network Laboratory (MHRD- TAP)

Sanction Letter No. F. 27-3/2003.TS.V dated 31.3.2003

6 .00 MHRD
Dr. B.Das Load estimation in electronic Power distribution System (CPRI- RSOP)

Sanction Letter No. CPRI/P2C/RSOP/IIT-Roorkee/2003 dated 23/1/2003

6.50 CPRI
Name of the Investigator Title of the Project and Duration Amount Sanctioned (Rs. in Lacs) Funding Agency
FOR THE YEAR 2002-2003
Dr.R.S. Anand Feature Extraction and Intepretation of ultra sound Medical Images (AICE- R & D)

Sanction Letter No. 8020/RID/R&D –126/01-02 dated 4/3/2002

5.00 CSIR
Dr. R.S. Anand Establishment of Correlation between ultra sound Signal and Flaw Geometry in Ultrasonic (CSIR)

Sanction Letter No. 22(0344)/02/EMR- II dated 28.3.2002

5.00 CSIR
FOR THE YEAR 2001-2002
Dr. R.P.Maheshwari Digital Traction OHE Protection (CSIR)

Sanction Letter No. 22/329/01 EMR-II dated 12.1.2001

6.28 CSIR
Dr.Vinod Kumar Development of a Computerized ECG Interpreter or Mass Health Case (AICTE- R&D)

Sanction Letter No. 200-161/FIN 199-2k dt. 10.4.2000

8 .00 AICTE
Prof.Hari Om.Gupta Computer Controlled Power System Conditioning trough Active Filters (AICE- R & D)

Sanction Letter NoRD11/R & D/ELE(182)2000 dt. 23.2.2001

12.00 AICTE
Head of Department Condition Monitoring System for Human Cardiac System & Large Electronic Machine (AICTE- R & D)

Sanction Letter No. SR/FST/ETI-023/2000 dated 30.5.2001

34.00 AICTE
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